Student Resources

Taking college courses in high school is a smart move.
Let us help you make it a successful one.

The resources in this section will help you plan for a successful PSEO or Early College experience.

Application and Course Change Deadlines

Summer 2014

Semester dates: May 19--August 26, 2014
Application deadline: April 15, 2014
Course registration opens: April 10, 2014
Last day to register on theROCK: May 25, 2014
Last day to add/drop a course:
(dependent upon availability)
June 2, 2014

Fall 2014

Semester Dates:August 27--December 18, 2014
Application deadline:July 15, 2014
Course registration opens:April 14, 2014
Last day to register on theROCK: September 3, 2014
Last day to add/drop a course:
(dependent upon availability)
September 10, 2014


Getting Connected

Visiting the UNW Campus

If you are considering attending University of Northwestern after high school, schedule a personal visit (bring your family!) or to attend one of our campus visit events.

One-on-One Visits

Our admission staff is also happy to answer your questions about PSEO and Early College. Please contact an Early College/PSEO admission counselor for a personal appointment by phone or in-person.

Northwestern Courses and Other Colleges

Northwestern courses are fully accredited and all of your credit will transfer for future study at Northwestern. Courses will transfer to other schools, also. We encourage you to check with the individual colleges you are considering to learn more about their credit requirements.

Student Services

Once you are a PSEO or Early College student here, we offer free academic advising to help you select courses to meet your needs and goals for college. If you attend a high school, we suggest you connect with your high school counselor to make sure any Early College or PSEO courses meet your high school graduation requirements.

Northwestern student services staff are able to help you pick classes for every  Northwestern major. You may also wish to contact other colleges you’re considering to learn about their requirements.

Make sure to keep in touch with your academic advisor if you experience challenges with coursework. The deadlines above are important to keep in mind if you are considering changing or withdrawing from a course; your academic advisor will help you consider all your options before making any course change decisions.

Once you are a student in the program, you can reach your academic advisor at 651-631-5300 or

Learning Style and Class Format

Northwestern’s PSEO and Early College programs are offered through online learning and you must have Internet access to complete these courses.

Our courses consist of online video lectures and readings as well as a book, depending on the course. You'll have a professor to answer questions just like any other class. Courses are offered in either an independent study or online learning group format.

All courses will require you to have strong organization, time management and self motivation skills. To get more details about how these courses look online please contact your admission counselor to set up a personal appointment.

Independent Study

In an independent study course you study independently of other students, of weekly due dates, and of regular interaction with your professor. You can work on the course at your own pace as long as you are able to complete the course by the end of the semester.

Online Learning Group

An online learning group course allows you to interact with other students and your instructor via an online discussion board. You submit assignments and exams electronically, and have a time requirement for assignments.

The group of students starts the course together, works through the course materials and assignments together, and finishes together. This type of course has greater accountability since assignments have due dates which are to be followed throughout the semester.

Student Life

PSEO/Early College and High School Involvement

Our online format allows your schedule to be flexible. You can be a part-time or full-time student, allowing you to work around other high school classes, sports or events. Please work with your school guidance counselor to find out what options you have.

PSEO classes often count toward your high school diploma, and we encourage you to contact your high school to see if this is an option for you.

Computer Requirements

Participation in Northwestern’s online courses requires the use of a personal computer with Internet access.

Download a copy of the computer requirements.