Still Deciding on a Major?

Do you sometimes feel you’re the only one who is unsure about your major? You’re not alone!

Research shows that up to 80% of college students are unsure about their major—even if they have chosen one. Up to 50% of college students will change majors at least once, while 30% will change two or more times.

If you’re wondering what major to choose—you’re exactly where you need to be. The process of discovery while moving toward a decision is even more important than the decision itself.

Relax. It's not a major decision.

That’s right. Deciding on a major doesn’t need to be a stressful decision. Instead, embark on a journey of discovery!

Instead of trying to just pick a major, also think about discovering more about:

  • Yourself (your interests, personality, skills, abilities, values, strengths)
  • The real world of work (jobs, career paths, companies, preparation requirements)

At Northwestern, we honor the decision making process. We believe picking a major is part of a self-discovery process that isn’t meant to be done alone.

Northwestern’s Center for Calling & Career specializes in helping you discover your strengths and interests and connect them to God’s calling on your life. One of our career counselors can assist you with understanding your unique set of skills, abilities, interests, values, etc. and understanding occupations that might be a good fit for you.

The better you understand the goal, the better you will understand the path to take toward it.

What should I do to help me decide on a major?

  • Talk to your admission counselor and let them know you’re undecided. Ask to get in touch with UNW's Center for Calling & Career.
  • Browse majors to learn more about each one. Take note of which ones stick out to you.
  • Visit the college catalog and browse the courses and course descriptions for each major. Which ones sound most interesting to you?
  • Schedule a personal visit appointment and request to meet with a career counselor in the Center for Calling & Career.
  • Talk to professors and students in your areas of interest.
  • Talk to friends of your parents and parents of your friends. Ask them what their job involves and what they majored in. Their answers might both surprise and inform you!
  • Be open to possibilities you haven’t even thought of yet. This is where the input of others can help.
  • Pray for the Lord to guide you and give you peace as He brings you on the journey of discovery.
  • Begin college and take a few classes in different areas to explore your options.

Learning for Your Whole Life.

Statistics show that people in the workforce today will change careers 3 or more times in their work life! And many will hold 10 or more jobs during their careers. 

There’s no major that will prepare you for that! 

The best thing to do is study what interests you and focus on building your character and your skills that are transferrable to any career and any job.

Do what you love.

Your major may not be directly related to your career. While there are some fields that are career specific (most teachers need training in education), the beauty of a liberal arts education is that any major will prepare you for a broad range of options.

Incoming college students often don’t know all the options open to them, and that can make choosing a major more confusing. You probably know the obvious options—doctors, teachers, lawyers, accountants— and may feel that those are the only choices.

But there are countless other options and many degrees that will prepare you well to enter the ever-changing workplace. A career counselor can help you sort it all out.

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