Spanish Major

The Spanish major focuses on the development of oral proficiency and exposure to Hispanic culture both in the Western Hemisphere and in Spain.

Students who pursue this major are equipped to use the language in careers in ministry and human services as well as a variety of other careers in which knowledge of the language is deemed important. The major also provides a foundation for graduate studies.

A Spanish major works very well as a second major, so you can pursue almost any career and do it in two languages!

Study in Seville, Spain!

Students majoring in Spanish will spend one semester in Seville, Spain, as participants in the Semester in Spain (SIS) program of Trinity Christian College.


I have had four years of Spanish in high school. Do I need to take a placement exam?
No. You can enroll in Intermediate Spanish I, the first course of the Spanish major/minor.

Does Northwestern have a Spanish study-abroad program?
Yes, the Latin American Studies Program in Costa Rica and the Semester in Spain program in Seville, Spain.

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What classes will I take?

  • Selected Spanish Stories
  • Spanish Grammar
  • Three Cultures of Spain

What can I do with this major?

  • Immigration Officer
  • Interpreter
  • Travel Writer

What are some dual major possibilities?

  • Health and Human Services
  • Law Enforcement
  • Spanish Education (with educational licensure)