After March 1, and within two weeks after we have received all your documents and any questions have been resolved, you can expect to receive an award package in the mail with an offer of financial aid from UNW.

Reviewing Your Award Package

Your award package will include an award letter, which will list any financial aid for which you are eligible. It will also include instructions about authorizing your loans (if applicable). Assess your award package and determine whether you want to accept all of the financial aid you are offered, or portions of it.

Accepting Your Financial Aid

To accept your financial aid offer, please follow these steps:

1.  Log on to TheROCK

2.  Select the  "Finances" tab

3.  Select "Financial Aid Awards" link in upper-left page and choose Aid Year

4.  Select "Terms and Conditions" tab to read and accept terms

5.  After accepting terms, select "Accept Award Offer" tab to accept, change, or decline loans offered

6.  Important: If you are accepeting your first DL Stafford Loan at Northwestern you must complete
     Entrance Counseling and sign the Master Promissory Note (MPN) at

7. To Request a Direct Parent PLUS Loan, parents go to 


NOTE: Access to TheROCK is limited to students only and username and password are sent to students upon admission. Please contact us immediately to let us know if you make any changes to your housing, registration or FAFSA information. Awards are subject to change based on this information.