PSEO Textbooks

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I get my textbooks?

A: Textbooks are automatically mailed to you after you register for classes. Shipping for Fall 2014 will start in mid-August. If you register in mid-August, allow two weeks for delivery.


Q: Can I write or highlight in my textbooks?

A: Do not write or highlight in your textbooks, with the exception of workbooks, which you may keep after the semester is over. Since the book is on loan and will be used again by another student, it is important to keep the book in good condition; books that are not returned in usable/good condition will be billed to your student account.


Q: What if I am sent the wrong textbooks, part of my shipment is missing, or the books arrive with damage?

A: Contact Matt Rien (, 651-286-7707) in the Campus Store right away so the correct materials may be shipped out immediately. The quickest way to connect with staff is through your UNW e-mail account. Please include your ID number and approximate registration date in e-mail or phone communication. If you leave a voicemail, include the correct spelling of your last name and phone number.


Q: What if I need to change my shipping address?

A: Update your address on theROCK>Academics>Personal Information>Update Addresses and Phones. If books have already been shipped, the Campus Store will check out a second set of books to the correct address. You are responsible for both sets of books. Typically, the books sent to the incorrect address will be automatically returned to the Campus Store. If the books are not returned, the cost of the books will be charged to your student account.


Q: I need to drop or withdraw from a course and take it later. What should I do with the books?

A: Return the books right away after the drop or withdrawal. PSEO books are checked out for a specific period of time. If you keep the books and register for the class later, you will end up with two sets of books and charges for not returning the original set.

Q: How do I return textbooks at the end of the semester?

A: Go to theROCK>Campus Services>Campus Store>PSEO Book/Material Returns to return your books without paying for shipping. Package your books in a sturdy box; use packing tape, packing peanuts or paper products so the textbooks are secure. Be sure the shipping label is attached securely as well. Drop off at your nearest post office or send it in the mail. All textbooks are the responsibility of the student until they reach UNW. If a book is received in damaged condition, it will be charged to your student account.

Q: May I keep the textbooks at the end of the semester?

A: Yes. Please know if you keep the textbooks at the end of the semester your student account will be charged. You may expect to receive a bill and should promptly pay for any books kept.