Build Your Own Bachelor's Degree Interdisciplinary Studies Major

Create your own major based on your specific interests!

The best part about an interdisciplinary studies major is that if the other majors at Northwestern don't match your exact academic aspirations, this major will help you fulfill your goals in a fun, hands-on way. 

This unique major allows you to pursue a bachelor’s degree customised for your specific interests while integrating a Christian perspective.

With your academic advisor, you'll be able to design a coherent program of study that meets specific academic goals.

How do I do this?

Interdisciplinary studies majors are built from courses across different academic departments and if appropriate, pulling in some coursework from another institution.

The purpose of the interdisciplinary studies major is to provide a quality, comprehensive academic experience with academic aspirations not served by a specific academic major at University of Northwestern.

How does this differ from other majors?

As far as requirements go, they're not much different than other majors.

Requirements include:

  • 48 credits in at least two academic areas
  • 30 upper-level credits
  • Completion of an integrated capstone paper or project
  • At least 50 percent of major completed at UNW
  • Meeting of all core curriculum and graduation requirements of Northwestern


Learn more about the Degree Requirements.

Interdisciplinary Majors developed by UNW Students

  • Ancient & Classical Languages

  • Ancient History & Languages

  • Biblical Languages & Historical Interpretation

  • Broadcast Computing/New Media

  • Communication, Psychology & Ministry

  • Entrepreneurial Business

  • Gallery Studies

  • International Leadership & Criminal Justice

  • Life Sciences & Spanish

  • Linguistics & Ancient Languages

  • Performing Arts Ministry

  • Philosophical/Literary Studies

  • Philosophy & Islam Studies

  • Political Science and American History

  • Social Work

  • Writing & Directing Theatre/Film