What to Bring

Deciding what to bring to college doesn’t have to be a guessing game!

All the necessary room furniture (desks, tables, chairs, dressers and beds) is provided. Each room or apartment also has its own bathroom and kitchen/kitchenette.

Here’s what students living in Northwestern’s residence halls will need:


The beds have extra-long mattresses which are 39" x 80." Extra-long fitted bed sheets are preferable. Regular flat sheets will work, but regular twin-size fitted sheets will not fit. You may also want to bring a mattress pad.

Additional lighting

Although each room is equipped with overhead lighting, it may be helpful to bring additional lighting such as a floor lamp and/or desk lamp as needed. Due to potential fire hazard, halogen lamps are not permitted unless equipped with a wire guard.

Kitchen and bathroom supplies

Students should bring their own dishes, silverware, pots/pans, cooking utensils and appliances such as toasters and microwaves.

Cleaning supplies for kitchen, vanity and bathroom such as glass cleaner, scrubbing pads, etc are not provided. Please bring only non-abrasive cleaners.

Basic items

Students should bring clothes hangers, wastebaskets, a shower curtain, and plastic garbage bags.

Other information

Northwestern provides each resident with a bed, a desk and a desk chair. If living in an apartment-style dorm, a kitchen table and chairs, as well as a couch and some living room furniture is provided.

Northwestern also provides landline phones in each of its residence rooms for local calls. Students who need to make out-of-area calls should plan on using a cell phone, calling card or other means to connect with individuals outside the Twin Cities calling area.

We advise you to contact your roommates to determine who will bring larger items such as ironing boards, small appliances, microwaves, etc., to avoid duplication as space is somewhat limited. You do not need to bring a vacuum, as your resident assistant will have one available for you. You can always bring more items to school later as you become aware of needs related to residence life.