Housing FAQ's

How do I apply for housing?

First you must apply for admission to Northwestern. After you have been accepted, you can enter your housing preferences on theROCK.

When should I submit my housing preferences?

Housing assignments are made based on enrollment deposit date. We encourage you to make this deposit to admissions as early as possible. If a student makes their deposit before April 1, they will be housed by May 17; if before May 7, they will be housed by June 1; if before June 1, they will be housed by July 1; if before July 1, they will be housed by August 1; if before August 1, they will be housed before the start of school.

Which buildings are available for me as a new student?

You can request to live in any of the residence halls. Since space is limited in each of the buildings, we cannot guarantee that you will always get your first choice of residences.

Can I be in a room by myself?

A large part of residence life at UNW is building relationships and community. Because of this, we do not offer any single rooms. South, Southeast, Snelling Terrace and Antioch are apartment style housing with four people to a room. Moyer is split into quads with eight students in each quad. Hartill, Knutson and KnuHa are split into rooms with three students in each room.

Am I required to live on campus?

For the 2013-14 academic year, all students who are seeking a traditional undergraduate degree, and are under the age of 21 as of the first day of classes of the Fall semester are required to live in college housing the entire academic year. The following adjustment to this requirement is being made for the 2013-14 academic year only: all students under the age of 21 as of December 1, 2013 are required to live in college housing the entire academic year. Students who are part time (less than 12 credits, including both traditional undergraduate and distance education credits), married, or living with one or both parents are exempt from this policy.

When do I move into my room?

New student move-in day is always the Friday before classes begin whether you are coming for fall or spring semester. If you are required to move in early due to extracurricular activities, you will be notified of the date and time of your check-in.

When will I find out who my roommates are?

Once you have been assigned to a room, you will be able to see your roommates by visiting theROCK.

Will my assigned room or roommates change before I arrive?

It is sometimes necessary to make changes to your initial assignment due primarily to people cancelling. We will notify you of changes as time permits.

I have special housing needs, who should I contact to discuss my housing arrangements?

You should contact the Disability Office for Support Services (DOSS) to discuss any special needs you have that may require special housing accommodations.

What laundry facilities are provided?

Every residence hall has laundry facilities with washers and dryers in one or more laundry rooms. Each load costs about $1 to wash and $1 to dry.

Where can I store my bike?

There are bike racks outside of every residence and many of the academic buildings as well. There is limited space provided indoors in each residence hall. You will receive information about indoor bike storage during check-in.

Am I allowed to have a pet in my room?

Fish are the only pets allowed in Northwestern residences.

Can I bring a TV?

Yes, you are allowed to have a TV in your room. We do encourage you to discuss this with your roommates prior to moving in. Residence halls do not have cable TV.

Can I burn candles in my room?

Because of serious fire danger, open flames (including burning candles, incense, lighted potpourri, etc.) are not permitted.

Can I hang up pictures in my room?

You can hang up anything using plastic tac, but you cannot use nails, tacks, screws, other adhesives, etc. due to the wall damage they create.