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Vehicle Use Guidelines

  • UNW vehicles can only be used for UNW groups and functions.
  • Vehicle keys and clipboard must be picked up between 8 a.m. and 6 p.m. Monday through Friday at the Public Safety Office in the Berntsen Resource Center (lower level, office B011).
  • All persons with weekend or holiday reservations must pick up their keys on the last business day before their reservation.
  • All drivers must have successfully completed the Approved Driver Program.
  • For van requests, the requestor is responsible for securing an authorized driver.
  • Bus and mini-bus drivers are required to have a Class B license per Minnesota law. Public Safety will check on the availability of a qualified driver.
  • UNW trailers may not be towed using a personal vehicle due to insurance regulations.
  • Cell phone use of any kind is prohibited while operating a UNW vehicle.
  • Seatbelt usage is required by the driver and all passengers.
  • Vehicle capacities will be strictly enforced.
  • Return the vehicle’s keys and clipboard (including completed mileage information, etc.) to the Public Safety Office; if after hours, please place them in the Riley garage lock box; return the keys and clipboard to Athletics if you have their keys. The keys and the clipboard are not to be left at the checkpoint.
  • Upon return, the vehicle(s) must be returned to the same location where they were originally picked up.

Mileage Limitations

  • Vans and mini-vans are limited to 400 total miles per trip. For longer trips, please contact the Purchasing Office for van rental information.
  • The bus and mini-bus are limited to a 50-mile radius from campus.
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