Meet Ross

Ross | Class of 2011

Hometown: Bloomington, Minnesota

Major: Psychology

Involvements at UNW: Men's Soccer 

Why did you choose Northwestern?
I chose to transfer to UNW because I wanted to continue my education in a Christian environment, and UNW was very gracious in accepting credits from my other institution. 

When/how did you decide what major you wanted to study?
I decided I wanted to study psychology because I was particularly interested in human behavior and the complexities of the human mind. That interest gradually developed into my decision to choose the psychology major. 

Why is Northwestern a good place to study psychology/criminal justice?
UNW is a good place to study psychology because anyone who studies human behavior makes fundamental assumptions about human beings. The spectrum of these assumptions is divided between two poles: humans are the product of random evolutionary chance or they are intentionally designed by a creator. Each way leads you down a different path in this academic pursuit. As a believer in Jesus Christ, it is important to attend an institution with professors that have the right fundamental beliefs.     

Most influential class so far?
My favorite class is the History and Philosophy of Psychology. It made such an impact on me because it put the modern shape of psychology into perspective. This class went deep to explore the threads of thought that are woven throughout history and are the foundation of the way psychology is practiced today. This insight is important to anyone who will influence psychology’s future.       

Most influential psychology/criminal justice professor?
Dr. Hansen is the most influential professor I’ve had because the way he taught his class stressed the importance of critical thought when approaching any topic. 

How have you changed as a student at UNW?
I have taken dramatic leaps forward as a student. At UNW, I came to appreciate the value of acquiring knowledge not just for the sake of being able to get a job, but for the sake of growing in my knowledge of the world and of God. Following hand-in-hand with this discovery, my dedication to my studies also improved, and I have never before enjoyed such success as a student. 

How have you been stretched and challenged at UNW?
I have been stretched in my ability to articulate my opinion in various contexts.  Many courses here provide numerous opportunities to discuss relevant topics. I have also been stretched as a writer. UNW has a highly beneficial writing general education program that challenged and greatly improved my ability to write grammatically and develop thoughts.   

What do you value most about UNW?
The thing I value most is the proclamation of the Word of God followed closely by all the close friendships I’ve made here over the years. 

What would you like to do when you graduate from Northwestern?
I would like to continue my education in a graduate school program. I am unsure which direction I would like to go, but I feel as if I’ve been equipped to do so.  I hope to publish my work one day, whether that be a book or some articles. 

What is something that surprised you about Northwestern?
I was surprised by accomplishments and brilliance of some of the professors here. I did not expect my professors to have written textbooks for Harvard or to have developed a pregnancy test. 

What would you share with other prospective students considering your major at UNW?
I would share that how much you learn at this institution is up to you. UNW provides all the means to excel as a student; it is up to the learner to engage himself in the process.