Meet Eryn

Eryn | Class of 2012

Hometown: Elgin, Minnesota

Major: Psychology (Spanish minor)

Involvements at UNW: Psi Chi, Writing in the Sand, Intramural Volleyball, Cashier at Campus Store

Why did you choose Northwestern, and why did you choose your particular major?
I chose UNW because it was a place that so richly encouraged Christian community. It is a small school with a small campus, so I knew making friends and getting to know my professors on a personal basis would be easy. I wanted Christ at the center of it all and UNW does just that.
I chose psychology because I knew I wanted a career in the helping profession. 

When/how did you decide what major you wanted to study?
I knew, in about, the 8th or 9th grade that I wanted to go into a helping profession. I had one particular friend that was going through a rough time and I was the only person he would talk to. Being there for him and offering support as I could was something I then knew I wanted to do for a living. I want to show Christ’s love to others by walking along side people in times of sadness, hurt, pain, or difficulty. 

Why is Northwestern a good place to study psychology/criminal justice?
UNW is a wonderful place to study psychology because of the excellent professors. A huge benefit to me has been the fact that they are all practicing while teaching. They bring in what they are learning in the field and use it to teach us. They give us real life cases and not only seek our opinions, but offer their professional opinions as well.  

Most influential class so far?
I have really enjoyed Counseling of Children. Even though I’m not planning on going to work solely with children, the life lessons and advice given in that class can be applied to any kind of work in the psychology field. However, I have so enjoyed all of my classes and deem them all influential classes. The way that the professors desire to share with their students about what they have learned through their life and their career has been wonderful.   

Most influential psychology/criminal justice professor?
I seriously could not say a professor that has been most influential in my career. All of the professors I have had while in school have been so helpful in my journey. They are always willing to listen and offer suggestions as I figure out the Lord’s path in my life. They care about me as a person, not just as their student.

How have you changed as a student at UNW?
I have become more outgoing and more willing to ask questions. People are willing to help you out, so I know to take advantage of that. I have been taught to work hard and to work as if working for the Lord.   

How have you been stretched and challenged at UNW?
I definitely have been challenged to make my faith my own and to make sure that my faith is kept at the forefront of my life. I have been challenged to make sure that I am daily in prayer and in the Word and that I seeking the Lord at all times, joy and trouble.     

What do you value most about UNW?
Its desire to have Christ at the center of EVERYTHING! Staff, faculty, and students all are unified by the desire to grow together in the Lord. 

What would you like to do when you graduate from Northwestern?
Following graduation from UNW, I intend to go on for a Master’s in Social Work. My dream is to work in an organization for either crisis pregnancy or human trafficking. 

What is something that surprised you about Northwestern?
Be prepared to work hard. UNW is definitely academically rigorous, but it’s not impossible. You’ll get a great education and learn a lot, so it is definitely worth it! 

What would you share with other prospective students considering your major at UNW?
You will simply LOVE it! If you desire a career in the helping profession and being taught from a Christian perspective, UNW is the place for you.