Tuition & Fees

Online Learning Financial Aid Budget

As you plan your budget throughout the academic year, we would like to provide you with the estimated costs of tuition, supplies, and personal expenses.

Please note that tuition** is a direct cost which is paid directly to University of Northwestern while the amounts listed for books and supplies, housing, transportation and personal expenses are estimated, indirect costs that each student may personally incur and will vary for each student.

For a complete breakdown of costs per degree program, contact the Online Learning admissions office at 651-631-5200. 


Budget for 2013–14 Online Learning:  $395 per credit

ItemPer SemesterAnnual
Tuition** (Based on $395 per credit, full-time [12 credits per semester])$4,740$9,480
Books & supplies (estimate)$300$600
Computer expenses$250$500
Housing & food$2,550$5,100
Miscellaneous personal$550$1,100