Ceramist Joanna Buyert '07 featured in Country Living Magazine

Making a Living: How one artist molded her passion for pottery into a thriving business

Country Living Magazine, October Issue

Joanna Buyert '07 graduated from Northwestern with a degree in Fine Arts, and has been highlighted by Country Living Magazine for her ceramics line, Fringe and Fettle

Buyert was also featured in the Star Tribune last year.

Fox 9 interviews Prof. Kent Kaiser about "phubbing" phenomenon

from Fox9 News

What is 'phubbing'? Don't look it up on your phone

posted by Shelby Capacio
video report by Rob Olson

"Phubbing" is an emerging tech term is emerging -- and anyone who grabbed a smartphone to look it up during a conversation with someone else is guilty of it.

Even 2-year-old Izzy, a mutt who loves treats, clearly hates it when her human is more interested in her smartphone.

"If I have my phone out when we're in bed or anything, she'll kind of paw at the phone saying, 'Get rid of the phone! Pet me instead!" Kelsey Stricker said. "I feel bad saying it, but yes, I do snub my dog for my phone."

That's where the word phubbing comes along. It's not in any dictionary and it sounds awkward when you ask about it, but most people have been phubbed. That's why an Australian who is tired of the relentless, often remorseless, ignoring of others in favor of a phone has started an online campaign to stop phubbing.

"If phubbing were a plague, it would decimate six Chinas," the campaign explains.

FOX 9 showed the site to communications professor Kent Kaiser, who embarked on a 2,000-tweet campaign last year about dining etiquette.

"I did cover smartphone use while dining," he said. "My advice was to leave the phone in the car entirely."

All students in his department are required to take an etiquette class in order to prepare the screen-fixated students to be respectful employees.

"If you pulled out the newspaper while you were at dinner, what would people think?" Kaiser asked. "They'd go crazy, and that's what you're doing when you pull out Twitter."

Kimberly Koehler is a dating coach, and she told FOX 9 News some of her clients have ruined dates with incessant texting, tweeting and posting -- often about the very date they're on.

"I think we're starting to not be as present in life," she said.

Koehler said even first dates can't escape a phubbing, and there are now Facebook pages -- ironically -- dedicated to showing just how offensive and pervasive phubbing has become.

"What I always recommend people to do when they sit down at a table with someone for the first time is literally pick up their phone and say, 'Excuse me for a moment. I'm going to go ahead and turn off my phone," Koehler explained.

Often, people phub one another all at once. Sometimes no one cares , but sometimes, everyone is just mutually rude.

Coach Talley talks football with WCCO Radio

Coach Kirk Talley interviewed with Mike Max on WCCO radio's Sports to the Max about the upcoming season. Cue into the podcast online at 20:15 to hear his portion of the interview.

Music ministry major Shayla Woods releases album

from The Royal Gazette

Singing for His glorification

By Crystal Holdipp

Gospel Psalmist Shayla Woods has recently released her new single “Dwell In Me”.

The singer has a heart to usher people into the presence of God and wants her latest song to speak to the heart of the listener and give them a refreshing in their souls.

Ms Woods has ministered with many praise teams and groups such as “The Joshua Generation”, “United Tehilla Ministries”, “Judah Praise” and “Perfected Praise”.

She is also a lead worshipper at New Creation Worship Center.

Doors have opened that has allowed her to minister all across Bermuda, Florida and Minnesota.

Ms Woods has earned her Associates Degree of Music Performance from McNally Smith College of Music in Minnesota and is attaining a Bachelors in music ministry with a minor in child and family studies at the University of Northwestern... Read the full story

UNW's Kari Steinbach directs "La Bella Cinderella" at Fringe Festival

from White Bear Press

Local playwright’s adaptation of Cinderella at Fringe Festival

by Kristine Goodrich/Editor

A week after it premiered in Maryland, White Bear Lake playwright Claudia Haas’ award-winning Cinderella adaptation is part of the Minnesota Fringe Festival.

“La Bella Cinderella” is an interactive play for younger children loosely based on the opera “La Cenerentola” (an Italian version of the Cinderella fairy tale). In Haas’ version, Cenerentola is a temperamental young woman, the villain is a clown and the prince is a servant in disguise. Audience members are invited on stage to help clean for the ball, make headdresses for the step-sisters and save Cenerentola and her prince from a wild boar.

Directing the Fringe Festival production of “La Bella Cinderella” is Shoreview resident Kari Steinbach, an area director, actress and teacher. The two have never worked together but Haas said she “trusts her implicitly.” They’ve known each other for a few years, after Haas admired Steinbach’s performance in a Lakeshore Players production and Steinbach invited Haas as a guest speaker at one of her theater classes at the University of Northwestern. ...more


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