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MPR features NWC cellist Ben Osterhouse

Nov 16 – While many professional orchestra musicians are putting down their instruments for picket signs in the Twin Cities this week, Benjamin Osterhouse will take bow to cello on Sunday night, serenading Roseville locals with his solo in Édouard Lalo's Cello Concerto in D Minor, accompanied by the Metropolitan Symphony Orchestra (MSO).

In April, Osterhouse won the MSO's concerto competition with his compelling performance of Lalo's piece, earning his place as a featured artist this season.  This was the first competition Osterhouse won, his long hours of practice starting last fall.

"I definitely knew of the Lalo violin concerto, and I had vaguely heard of his cello concerto, so I thought I would check it out," he said in an interview with Minnesota Public Radio, "When I listened to it I was blown away, and really wanted to play it right away."

Previously a composition major, Osterhouse decided to switch to cello performance, claiming that the more music he performs, the more diverse the inspiration for his own music, which includes Fantasia Toro, a cello solo.

"I used the imagery of a bull because it's supposed to be very passionate and strong, but it also has a very melancholy feel to it."

Osterhouse played his piece live in an interview with Minnesota Public Radio this morning, after sharing his anticipation for Sunday's performance. Themed The Spanish Connection, the concert at Roseville Lutheran Church features two Lalo pieces as well Pavane for Strings and Harp, a commissioned piece by local composer John Tartaglia.

 (Fantasia Toro begins at approx. 5 minutes)

 The Spanish Connection
November 18—4 p.m.
Roseville Lutheran Church
1215 Roselawn Avenue West
Roseville, MN 55113