Fast Forward: Joana Buyert '07

Major: Studio Art

Career: Professional Potter

Hometown: Minnetonka, Minnesota

Current Home:St. Paul, Minnesota

Beautiful Things Inspired by Faith

After graduating from Northwestern in 2007 with a Studio Art major and Graphic Design minor, Joanna Buyert was unsure what direction to go with her art degree. Although she quickly landed a full-time job casting mugs for a mass manufacturer, she disliked the repetition of creating the same shapes all day, every day.

Buyert decided to assert her creativity by going into business and handcrafting original pottery full time. She launched Fringe & Fettle Ceramics. Through Etsy (an online marketplace for handmade and vintage creations) and her website, Buyert has developed admirers of her artistry and buyers of her visually soft and playful pottery.

A growing artist

As a Christian, Buyert views the interaction between her creativity and her faith with what she describes as a holistic perspective. “My relationship between faith and art happens very organically. That urge to create and my desire to make beautiful things stems from God. I think that was introduced to me at Northwestern by many of my professors.”

Buyert continues to develop her skills and artistic vision. As she daily molds and refines clay, she strives to create and reflect the “romanticized atmosphere the kitchen creates, of family meals and childhood memories, of beauty in the everyday encounters.” Her creations include pitchers, mugs, bowls, citrus juicers and trays with matte or metallic finishes, patterns or hand-painted imagery. She was featured in the October 2013 issue of Country Living magazine.

Buyert is in the process of relocating her Uptown studio to St. Paul. To view Joanna Buyert’s line of pottery, Fringe & Fettle, visit