Community in Chapel

It’s mid-morning and Maranatha Hall is crowded with chapelgoers, their voices a lively rumble. The experience they are about to have has been thoughtfully planned and designed—“everything from the theme to the music to the speaker,” said Drew Shepp, director for Chapel and Worship Ministries. And it’s all built around three primary aims.


Our central purpose as Christians is to glorify God with our lives, and we view chapel through this lens. Content is in line with the University of Northwestern Doctrinal Statement and finds its foundation in the Word of God.


We are a body of believers from different backgrounds culturally, denominationally, economically and in many other ways. In Jesus, we become the family of God, living and learning alongside each other.


We are a collection of individuals in whom God is working to make us more like Christ. We pray that God uses daily chapel to shape this image in each individual in our community.

Forty minutes of chapel every weekday adds up to a significant amount of quality time together—a chance for participants to learn, grow and sharpen one another.

“We want every person to see change happen in their individual lives,” Shepp said. “Chapel can do that and also serve as a powerful catalyst for deeper community. But our central purpose is to glorify God. That’s why we’re here.”