Nonprofit Administration Major

Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science

This is a 4-year major which will prepare students for leadership positions in the nonprofit sector. The curriculum combines multiple ministry courses with business courses and includes an internship. Students have the choice of one of three concentrations: Intercultural Studies, Urban Studies, or Ministry. The degree is granted upon completion of 125 credits (40 credits must be in 3000- or 4000-level courses).

  • Natural World Mathematics course in core curriculum:  MAT2035
  • Social Science course in core curriclum:  ECO2201
  • Spiritual Formation & Integration Selectives requirement in core curriculum must include MIN2016 and MIN2216 [OCE]
  • B.A. option requires achieving 1002-level competency in an approved foreign language.


Required Courses24 cr
ACC2101Principles of Accounting4
BUS4435Business Ethics [WCE]4
ENG3248Grant Writing2
FIN2221Finance I2
MGT3275Entrepreneurship & Small Business Management4
MGT4267Project Management2
MIN1005Introduction to Ministry2
MIN2016Biblical Interpretation for Study 
MIN2216Teaching Methods [OCE] 
MKT1085Principles of Marketing4
Track28 cr
Choose from Intercultural Studies, Ministry, or Urban Studies. Requirements are listed below:
Intercultural Studies Track28 cr
ANT2045Cultural Anthropology4
ICS2015World Religions4
ICS3206Intercultural Relationships2
ICS3208Principles and Practices of Intercultural Studies2
ICS4207Biblical Theology of Missions4
Select one of the following Options:
Option 1
ICS4991Intercultural Internship I2
ICS4992Intercultural Internship II2
Select 8 credits from the following:
COM3107Intercultural Communication4
ICS3015Race and Ethnicity in America4
ICS3209Urban Intercultural Studies4
ICS3215Contemporary Religious Movements2
ICS4205History & Contemporary Issues of Missions4
ICS4835Seminar in Intercultural Studies2
Option 2
ICS3835Preparation Workshop4
ICS4990Overseas intercultural Studies Internship8
Ministry Track28 cr
COM3106Communication in Groups and Organizations4
ENG3246Writing for Organizations2
MIN2105Theological & Philosophical Foundations of Ministry2
MIN3216Leadership in Ministry4
MIN4991Ministry Internship I2
MIN4992Ministry Internship II2
Select 12 credits from the following:
ICS2015World Religions
MIN3205Human Sexuality4
MIN3226Family Studies3
MIN3231Introduction to Biblical Counseling4
MIN3232Practice of Biblical Counseling2
Urban Studies Track28 cr
ANT2045  or ICS2015Cultural Anthropology or World Religions
COM3107Intercultural Communication4
ENG3246Writing for Organizations2
PSY3345Urban Social Psychology*3
URB2011MissionShift Institute I*3
URB3315Principles of Urban Studies*3
URB3316History & Contemporary Issues*3
URB3317Demographics and Research Methods*3
URB4991Urban Studies Internship*3
*Courses taken at the U4C Campus in Minneapolis. Housing is available on U4C campus.