Bachelor of Science in Computer Science

The Computer Science major is a four-year program designed to give students the knowledge to develop and use computer algorithms and computer-based systems. In addition, the students will learn computing and mathematical principles that are used in the analysis and design of such systems. Students are provided with the fundamentals of the mathematics of computers, computer programming, operating systems, database management and computer security, all of which provide a firm foundation upon which to apply and research new technologies. The program includes training in four broad areas:

  • Low level technical skills in programming and application development
  • Medium level applied mathematical skills for computations and simulations
  • High level design and analysis skills
  • Application with databases, computer security, and communications


Mathematics Requirements

21 cr
MAT2005Problem Solving2
MAT2122Calculus and Analytic Geometry II4
MAT2215Linear Algebra3
MAT2226Discrete Mathematics for Computer Science2
MAT3251Probability or4
MAT3252Calculus-based Statistics
MAT3225Discrete Mathematics2
MAT4337Mathematical Models and Applications4


COS Requirements

34 cr
COS1075Principles of Computer Science2
COS2115Computer Software Development2
COS3835Career Competencies Seminar1
COS4845Senior Project [WCE, OCE]2
COS4995Computer Science Internship1
MIS2071Programming I4
MIS3265Systems Analysis and Design4
MIS3272Programming II or4
EGR2235C/C++ Programming Language
MIS3361Database Management I4
MIS3369Computer Security Fundamentals4
MIS3381Data Communications I4

Note: WCE= Written Communication Emphasis; OCE = Oral Communication Emphasis. See the catalog for explanation and prerequisites.