Services for Everyone

Reference Help

Librarians are available to answer questions and assist with research.

Study Areas & Rooms

Study areas are located on all three levels:

  • The upper level is designated as a quiet study floor.
  • The main level is designated as a working study floor.
  • The lower level study areas are designed for solo or small group work.

Five study rooms are available at the library and are designed to accommodate groups of four to six people. You may reserve the rooms at the circulation desk. Reservations are posted on the study room doors at the beginning of each day. Reservations have priority, although an empty study room may be used without a reservation.


Services for Students & Faculty

Library Faculty Liaisons

Effective communication and coordination between faculty and library faculty and staff are essential to providing the best and most appropriate information resources for University of Northwestern students and faculty. Library liaisons to an academic department help us respond more effectively to faculty needs in a number of ways.

Liaisons provide a more direct and defined channel for input and feedback from faculty regarding their goals and vision for library materials and services for each individual academic discipline. Liaisons are available to provide library instruction to promote information literacy in conjunction with specific coursework for any offered class. This instruction may take place at the class site or at the library.

Interlibrary Loan System

For material not available in CLICnet, the Berntsen Library uses the MINITEX interlibrary loan clearinghouse to provide books, documents, and journal articles.


Services for Alumni

University of Northwestern Alumni may access all Berntsen Library holdings with an alumni card that can be obtained from Alumni Relations at 651-631-5236 and registered with the library. Alumni may also access databases from the guest computers on campus with a guest login.

Alumni may not request a book held at another CLIC library, borrow items through the library’s interlibrary loan office, or access databases remotely. Please visit your local public library for those services.


Services for Visitors

Individuals who have no direct association with Northwestern may purchase a visitor card at the circulation desk for an annual fee of $25.

Visitors have access to the all Berntsen Library's holdings except curriculum library materials.
Visitors may not request a book held at another CLIC library or borrow items through the library’s interlibrary loan office. Please visit your local public library for those services.