Health Insurance

By requiring students to have health plan coverage, Northwestern ensures that all students have coverage for unexpected health challenges due to illness or injury. Having health insurance is necessary to get the care you may need.


All fulltime traditional undergraduate students are required to carry health insurance. This can be through a family plan, an individual plan or a plan that the university provides.

If students are covered by a family or individual plan, they must show proof of insurance to Northwestern prior to or at registration.

How to show proof

Complete the Insurance Enrollment form by logging onto theROCK. Click the Academics tab, and then under Electronic Signature select either the link for New Incoming Traditional Undergraduate Students, or Continuing, Returning or Re-enrolling Traditional Undergraduate Students. Then select the Insurance Enrollment form.

Questions about enrollment:

If you need coverage

A university-approved policy is available to students who are not participating in another plan (i.e. an individual or family policy). This policy is through American International Group (AIG). Information about this plan can be viewed at Select state, MN, then institution, University of Northwestern. On their website, you will find links to Benefits (plan and summary), ID cards and Claim forms. Students are responsible to submit their own claims.

Brochures with information about this policy are available to students at the Student Accounts office (Riley Hall, R1420) and also at Health Services (Nazareth Hall, N111.)

Secondary Insurance

In addition, the university does provide secondary insurance for all full-time UNW traditional students. This coverage may assist you with accidents that occur while attending classes or university-sponsored activities.  All fulltime students are enrolled at no additional charge. Students are responsible to submit their claims to their primary insurance first. 

Contact information for questions or for claim balance on secondary coverage:

Toll free AIG #: 1-888-622-6001