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Matt Hill

Adjunct, Organizational Leadership

Matt Hill, Ed.D., has been employed at the University of Northwestern for over 14 years in various administrative positions. He is currently Vice President for Student Life and Athletics on the president's cabinet. He offers adult learners practical leadership experience as a practitioner in the field.

Specialty Area

  • Leadership

Academic Credentials

Ed.D., St. Mary’s University
M.A., Drake University (Iowa)
B.S., University of Northwestern – St. Paul

Professional Accomplishments


  • The Pursuit, “Amazed” August 2012
  • The Pursuit, “Light the Way” December 2011
  • The Pilot, “Sports and Faith: Allies or Adversaries?” December 2010
  • Consultant/Editor, “Light or Darkness: Reclaiming the Light in Sports” by Dr. Robert Stouffer, Three Circles Press, Urbandale, Iowa, March 2010
  • Faith and Fitness Journal, “Shape Culture – Make a Difference” August 2007
  • “NCAA Division III Athletic Directors’ Response to Amendment 42 of the Fair Labor Standards Act”, March 2007


  • July 2013 – Keynote presenter at the annual Student Development summer meetings, “Kids these days:  Meaningful Connections with the Millennial Generation”
  • July 2013 – Keynote presenter at the Upper Midwest Annual Giving Officers summer workshop, “Kids these days:  Millennials and Their Philanthropy”
  • June 2013 – Keynote presenter at the National Christian College Athletic Association’s annual convention, “Kids these days:  Coaching the Millennial Generation”
  • August 2012 – Keynote presenter at University of Northwestern Fall Faculty Workshop, “Bridging the gap: An In-depth examination of the Millennial Generation”
  • June 2010 – Presenter at the Association of Christians in Student Development Conference,
  • “Change for the better – practical insights for those who instigate, implement, and experience change”


Office: E2033
Phone: 651-631-5362