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Master of Arts in Human Services

The Master of Arts in Human Services (MAHS) program develops knowledge and skills within a biblical worldview so that graduates are equipped to assess needs and provide support services to people in a variety of situations. You will be prepared to examine individual and systemic needs and solutions applicable to a variety of roles or further study in human or social sciences programs.

Through the human services master's degree program you will develop an understanding of:

  • How to assist people who are experiencing complex situations
  • How faith and human services intersect
  • How research can facilitate understanding people and their needs
  • How to design and evaluate human services programs.

Course of study

The Master of Arts in Human Services is granted upon completion of 36 credits. You can earn an MAHS degree in approximately 18–22 months. The degree program is offered fully online and in a blended format that combines on-site and online learning.

Master of Arts in Human Services Courses (36 credits)
Core Courses (21 credits)
HMS5110 Worldview, Leadership, and Human Services (3)
HMS5112 Human Services Foundations and Systems (3)
HMS5114 Theories of Human Development (3)
HMS5210 Research Methods and Human Services (3)
HMS5220 Ethics and Legal Issues in Human Services (3)
HMS5230 Multicultural/Diversity Issues in Human Services (3)
HMS5240 Interviewing and Assessment Skills (3)
Family Studies Concentration Courses (15 credits)
HMS5310 Family Studies and Education (3)
HMS5312 Family Communication and Relationships (3)
HMS5314 Parent Education (3)
HMS5316 Marriage and Family Dynamics (3)
HMS5318 Intervention Strategies with Families (3)

See the Graduate & Continuing Education Catalog for course descriptions. Courses subject to change.

The Master of Arts in Human Services (MAHS) program leads to an applied, non-licensure human services master's degree. 


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Meet our faculty


Dawn Kilian

Dawn Kilian has been involved with educating students at Northwestern since 2008. She has an extensive background in the fields of Christian counseling and human services which stimulates her engaging and relevant teaching style. Kilian and her husband also co-own a private practice for psycho-therapy and professional life coaching. She brings over 11 years of ministry and counseling experience to the classroom setting.

Meet the rerst of our MAHS faculty:


Through the master of human services program, you will complete coursework and gain knowledge and understanding of:

  • Human services
  • Human development
  • Worldview and ethics
  • Legal issues
  • Diversity issues
  • Interviewing skills
  • Research methodology/program evaluation
  • Program development

Is the MAHS degree for you?

The MAHS is appropriate for those who work or want to pursue work in private or public social services settings, providing non-therapeutic assistance to people in need.

It is appropriate for people who rely on insight into human needs in their work activities or settings, such pastors, human resource directors, teachers, coaches, nurses, public health workers, law enforcement officers, managers, or student affairs personnel.