First Year Experience

Your first year is vital to your success here at UNW. We want to make sure you’re first year is a great experience to helping you get integrated into this wonderful work culture.

New Employee Orientation

This session consists of meeting fellow new hires, learning about the various departments, and an opportunity to meet the cabinet.

Blessed are the Peacemakers

We treat people with respect and within a workplace there will be times when we have conflict. This session focuses on the core competencies to deal with conflict in a healthy manner.

Divinely Designed

We want to be a workplace culture that values each others strengths, where we encourage people to work and serve out of their design and giftedness

Culture of Grace

“We are saved by grace and we are then to live by grace.  This session focuses on how to live out grace in day-to-day relationships.  As we live out grace in relationships, we create a culture of grace that glorifies God and values people.”

For those employees who have not had the opportunity to attend any of the training sessions listed above and would like to do so, please email