Toby Fuerst | Class of 1997

Toby Fuerst

Toby Fuerst ’97

Chief Financial Officer (CFO) at Delta Industrial Services, Inc.

UNW Major: Finance
Involvements at UNW: Student Government for 3 years (Freshman Senator, RA Rep, Student Body President 1995–96), RA, street evangelism and youth ministries, intramural sports
Hometown: Scotland, South Dakota
Current City: Andover, Minnesota

Describe your job responsibilities:
Overall involvement of business planning and overseeing day to day operations in all financial and other business functions, including infrastructure.

What do you enjoy most about your job?
The variety of all around business responsibilities while developing and working with a tremendous team of people and entrepreneurs.

How did Northwestern prepare you for the responsibilities and challenges of your job?
The professors with real world business experience really helped to give us a better sense of what we were going to deal with in the workplace. The core classes were very demanding which develops work ethic. I really also value the network and culture of UNW students and faculty that I can continue to tap into. UNW also presented many other opportunities for learning leadership skills and experience with people through its many extracurricular activities. The ability to be competent and be an active part of a team has been essential in having a successful career.

Why did you choose Northwestern?
UNW was a perfect mix of what I was looking for in biblical knowledge/spiritual growth, and the offering of a business program.

How do you integrate what you learned at UNW in your career?
Having the UNW environment with its biblical instruction helped me tremendously by guiding and encouraging me to think through and make good choices in these transitional years and for the years to come. The right people were there when I needed it to keep the right things in perspective and get good advice. I have continued to seek an active church life to continue to keep grounded and growing in faith. The support and background of the faith/work integration of the UNW education and beyond has greatly enhanced my confidence to operate as a valuable servant leader, as a part of a successful leadership team at work, and at home.

What did you enjoy most about Northwestern?
People—lifelong friends and colleagues that have made a significant and positive impact in my life and continue to do so.

Why is Northwestern a good place to study business?
Experienced professors, integration of faith into your career path, demanding program, good internship opportunities.