Meet Lucas


Lucas | Class of 2012

Hometown: Cambridge, Minnesota

Major: Finance

Involvements: Men's Soccer Team, UNW Military Students

Why did you choose Northwestern?
Great education developed on a Christ-centered foundation

Why do you think Northwestern is a good place to study business?
The business profs at UNW are very experienced in the field. They care about the students and challenge us to learn and implement important concepts, not just how to memorize formulas for an exam.

Most influential professor?
My first accounting professor, Vernon Pollard. He just had the best attitude every day and I enjoyed listening to his stories about his corporate career before he came to teach at Northwestern.

Favorite business class?
Principles of Economics. It was a class that challenged my critical thinking skills every hour and gave me a better idea of how business works on a grand scale. I still read the textbook for fun every now and again.

How have you changed as a student at UNW?
I have been able to really focus on growing, not only academically, but also spiritually. It is awesome to have a business class like Finance 2 in the morning, and then move on to a Life of Christ lecture in the afternoon. It really promotes being well-rounded as Christians heading into the business world.

What do you value most about Northwestern?
The people you meet at UNW is what makes it such a special school. I value the experience of those teaching and the quality students that I have the pleasure of learning with.

What would you like to do when you graduate from Northwestern?
I would love the chance to work for an investment firm like Piper Jaffray in downtown Minneapolis.