Meet Lincoln Towers | Class of 2009

Lincoln Towers

Lincoln Towers ’09

Project Management Coordinator at Lender Processing Services (LPS)

UNW Major: General Business

Involvements at UNW: Eagle Scholars Honors Program, Professor Elliott’s TA, Business Student Advisory Committee, Pianist in jazz band and orchestra

Hometown: Ironton, MN

Current City: New Brighton, MN

Describe your job responsibilities:
I manage 5–15 small application maintenance/development projects, provide post-implementation support for internal applications and assist in coordinating enhancement, defect, and issue management for one of our major software applications

When did you start this job? February 2010

What do you enjoy most about your job?
Forging relationships and interacting with people across our business units, working with a diverse portfolio of projects ranging from process documentation to troubleshooting, drawing up requirements for the business unit in a way that makes their specifications understandable to both the business and to IT.

How did Northwestern prepare you for the responsibilities and challenges of your job?
The overall Northwestern experience provided a solid spiritual foundation that naturally spilled over into my business coursework. I believe the business department’s emphasis on effectively communicating and presenting ideas as well as stressing the knowledge of real life skills via internships better prepared me for the job I currently hold. It’s a holistic experience—Northwestern prepared me both spiritually and academically.

Why did you choose Northwestern?
I first heard about Northwestern from a friend. I chose Northwestern because of its focus on both academics and spiritual life. A personal discussion with Professor Kuivinen didn’t hurt either.

How did you grow while at UNW? And how do you integrate that now into your career?
Northwestern exposed me to many aspects of business and further refined my career aspirations. My internship experiences were particularly invaluable through both the real-world responsibilities to the connections forged. I do not think I would be at the same place spiritually if I had gone to a secular college. Northwestern’s focus on placing Christ at the center provides an environment conducive to growth in Christ, whether that be through grappling with theological issues to tackling ethical dilemmas in the workplace. The opportunities to be shaped and molded by godly professors and to have discussions with students sharing the same faith were invaluable as well.

What did you enjoy most about UNW?
For me, I enjoyed the fellowship with other students whether in the classroom or in the dormitory. I also was extremely grateful for the opportunities Northwestern offers. It’s not true in every college that someone whose main focus and energies are business can also be a part of the jazz ensemble on campus as well!

Why is Northwestern a good place to study business?
Opportunities to interact with professors one-on-one Good blend of both the theoretical and the practical aspects of business Application of Christian ethics to business before ethics education became in vogue Excellent fellow students with a vast array of interests.