Justin Rohloff | Class of 2009

Justin Rohloff

Justin Rohloff ’09

Audit Associate at KPMG

UNW Major: Accounting
Involvements at UNW: Chair of College Republicans, Hall Bible Studies, Teacher's Assistant
Hometown: Morris, Minnesota
Current City: Roseville, Minnesota

Describe your job responsibilities:
The main job of the auditor is verification of a company's financial records. Auditors study various sources to find out whether a company's records present its true financial situation. They check the company's bookkeeping and accounting methods by analyzing its books and records. They compare the company's books with the records of the banks, brokers, creditors, and others who deal with the company. They check the books of the departments within the company as well. These objective analyses and reports often help management cut costs, save on taxes, and increase profits.

When did you start at this job? October 2010

What do you enjoy most about your job?
The people I work with and all the learning experiences I've already had here. I'm given a great deal of responsibility.

How did Northwestern prepare you for the responsibilities and challenges of your job?
Obviously, the most important aspect of my job is my accounting knowledge. I learned a great deal of accounting and auditing knowledge from my coursework at UNW. Because of my education at Northwestern, I successfully passed the CPA exam in seven months after I graduated. Also, dealing with different personality types in group projects at UNW has helped me relate to my clients and fellow audit team members in an effective way.

Why did you choose Northwestern?
It was totally a “God Thing.” I like to say I didn't choose Northwestern; it chose me. It was the best decision I have ever made.

What did you enjoy most about Northwestern?
My friends and professors. College is a unique time in life to be on your own and learn about life. At Northwestern, being surrounded by people who loved Jesus made me the passionate Christian businessman I am today!

Why is Northwestern a good place to study business?
I learned so much academic and real-life knowledge from my professors. The small class sizes make the classroom environment more discussion-oriented and less lecture. My professors all had real-world experience, which prepared me for my career in accounting.

How did you see yourself develop while at UNW? And how do you integrate that now in your career?
I learned an incredible amount of information while at UNW. I was surrounded by an environment of believers who pushed me to become a stronger Christian and businessman every day while I attended Northwestern. The complete integration of faith and business at Northwestern taught me that being a Christian means you bring your faith with you to the workplace.