Meet Emily


Emily | Class of 2011

Hometown: Glendale, Arizona

Major: Finance

Involvements: Eagle Scholar Honors Program, Co-Leader of the Chinese Club, Teaching Assistant, Research Assistant, Student Advisory Council for the Business Department

Why is Northwestern a good place to study business?
Northwestern is a good place to study business because there is such a great business environment right in the Twin Cities. We can see a multitude of Fortune 500 companies downtown. It's great being able to go for informational interviews with employees at Cargill, Target, General Mills, etc. We are also able to get great guest speakers as well. The Twin Cities are thriving with businesses and Northwestern is right in the middle of it!

Why did you choose Northwestern?
I chose Northwestern because it is a place where I can receive a Biblical foundation while also receiving a more technical degree in business. Northwestern offers a great business program and is located in close proximity to many companies I can potentially work for in the future. I also love the class sizes because it allows for more personal interaction and getting to know my professors better.

How did you decide on your major?
I was originally an International Business major and studied Chinese for my language requirement. However, I changed my major to Finance while still completing two years of Chinese.

How have you grown academically and spiritually as a student?
Before coming to UNW, I had never taken a business course and couldn't even tell you what the simple accounting equation was! Now, I have a greater understanding of how business works and all the factors that play into making business decisions.

Spiritually, I have grown in immensely. Even though I knew what the Bible said before coming to UNW, my Bible classes have taught me a holistic view of God, His identity, and His plan for salvation. My Bible classes have been a great help in furthering my walk with Christ.

Favorite class?
Money and Banking, because it allowed me to see how central the financial industry is to every industry and everyday life.

What have you valued most about UNW?
I get the whole package at Northwestern: great business program, great community (not too big, not too small), and a Christ-centered education. I love that we can walk anywhere on campus and recognize, even though not by name, close to everybody we pass. I love that the business program is very personal. I haven't had some professors since Freshman year, yet they still remember me. That's what I call community!