Dustin Stoltz | Class of 2008

Dustin Stoltz

Dustin Stoltz ’08

Plant Accountant (Tulare, CA) at Land O' Lakes, Inc.

UNW Major: Finance
Involvements at UNW: Golf Team, Mission Trips (2 to Tijuana, Mexico and 1 to Anchorage, AK), Student-Athlete Advisory Committee
Hometown: Lino Lakes, Minnesota
Current City: Visalia, California

Describe your job responsibilities:
I provide analysis and support for cost accounting on butter and nonfat dry milk. This would include reports on utilities, transportation, milk costs, yield/shrink updates, and licenses/fees among other things. Also, I make journal entries and reconcile balance sheet accounts for the plant month-end book closing process. Lastly, I provide weekly sales data to both the national and state entities that govern commodity pricing. Plus any miscellaneous support to the plant controller.

When did you start at this job?
I started at Land O' Lakes, Inc. in May 2008 and my current position in January 2011.

What do you enjoy most about your job?
I enjoy the challenge and variety. I'm in a role that was not in my business focus so it forces me to learn new things and take on responsibilities that are not comfortable to me. It's very enjoyable to see the start of something all the way to the end. I get to experience the full supply-chain: from milk to store. And who doesn't love Land O' Lakes butter!

How did Northwestern prepare you for the responsibilities and challenges of your job?
They taught me how to learn. I was challenged and pushed in classes. They set the groundwork and taught me how to find answers on my own and get into the details. I was greatly assisted by the business department and continue to see my education shine through the more I advance in my career.

Why did you choose Northwestern?
It was more of a family treasure. My parents, aunts and uncles, and even a couple grandparents went to Northwestern. I could see the positive impact the Christ-centered education had on my parents in both their faith and careers and I didn't even apply anywhere else.

How did you grow while at UNW? And how do you integrate that now in your career?
I wouldn't have changed anything. I grew up a lot in the four years at Northwestern. From the golf team to the dorms to the classroom, I experienced a ton. That experience could never have been replaced. Mostly, I found myself in my faith to Jesus Christ. I sometimes find it hard to believe when I look back at how far I've come. Integrating my faith into my career will always be in process. I try to set an example with my attitude and ethics so that my actions will always set myself apart from the rest.

What did you enjoy most about Northwestern?
I enjoyed the people, the classes, and the mission trips, but I most enjoyed the golf team. It was an awesome experience to be around a Christian group of guys being led by one of the most impactful men in my life, Coach Billy Aune. He was a real encouragement to me and brought faith into all things, including golf.

Why is Northwestern a good place to study business?
Northwestern does it the right way. The professors provide real-life examples of Christians that succeeded in their respective careers and support through all four years. The business department preaches ethical decision-making and hard-work. The lessons learned were transferable even after I moved away from my major's focus.