Certificate in Bible

Certificate in Bible: Biblical Worldview Theme – 32 credits

The Certificate in Bible is designed for those desiring concentrated training in the Word of God. It assists students in becoming established in the faith, rooted and grounded in the Word and fortified with answers to humanity’s primary questions regarding life’s purpose and destiny. It provides tools for continuing Bible study and for effective Christian witness. It is of value to professional men and women going to the mission field and needing such a concentrated study of the Bible. The certificate in Bible is granted upon completion of the same Bible credits included in University of Northwestern bachelor's degrees.

Foundation Courses: Establishing the origin, nature, and significance of a biblical worldview; establishing oral and written communication skill

14 credits

Foundations of a Biblical Worldview14 cr
BIA1005Biblical Worldview: Personal Responsibility (or BIA1825 Honors)2
BIA2025Biblical Worldview: Community & Culture4
BIB1001Old Testament History and Literature* (or BIA1825 Honors)4
BIB1002New Testament History and Literature* (or BIB1826 Honors)2
BIA2115Principles of Biblical Interpretation** (or BIA2825 Honors)2
Foundations of CommunicationCompetency
Competency in reading and composition must be demonstrated in one of four ways listed below. Any credits earned to demonstrate competency do not count as part of the 32 credits needed for the certificate.
  1. By English coursework successfully completed at another college or university.
  2. By scoring high enough on a CLEP English composition to qualify for ENG1105 credit according to University of Northwestern credit-by-exam criteria.
  3. By an ACT English score of 25 or higher or a re-centered SAT Verbal score of 580 or higher.
  4. If none of the above methods apply, by completing ENG1105*** (or ENG1825). Additionally, a student may be required to complete RDG0009 and/or ENG0009.

*Course for which competency may be demonstrated. See the catalog.
**Prerequisite for BIB-prefix exposition courses numbered 2000 or above.
***Non-native speakers of English may substitute LAN1105 for ENG1105.

Immersion Courses: Probing the depths of a biblical worldview

18 credits

Biblical Worldview: Texts & Contexts10
Exposition6–8 cr

Old Testament Exposition
(Select one course from BIB3231 - 3247, 3825, 3827)


New Testament Exposition
(Select one course from BIB2215 - 3228, 3826, 3827)

Selectives2–4 cr
Biblical Worldview & Academic Disciplines*
ACL2001, 2002, 3011, 3012, 3201, 3202; ART3025; EDU3209; ENG4435; ICS4207; LTH4155, MIN2105, 2106, 2216; MCH3106
BIB/BIA Prefix Electives0–4
Biblical Worldview: Theory & Application8 cr
BIB4360Christian Theology (or BIB4825 Honors)4
BIA4345Biblical Worldview Capstone: Christian Thought4

*While most of these courses are offered outside of the Department of Biblical & Theological Studies, since they intentionally examine and incorporate so closely the biblical worldview they are being considered Bible courses.