Visual Arts Education

Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science in Visual Arts Education

The visual arts major is designed to prepare students to teach visual art in grades K–12 in private and public schools. The degree is granted upon completion of 139–140 credits as specified in the catalog (40 credits must be in 3000- or 4000-level courses).

  • Philosophy course in core curriculum: EDU4415.
  • Fine Arts courses in core curriculum must include ART1005 or ART 1825.
  • Social Science course in core curriculum: PSY2108. (Transfer students unable to count PSY2108 for Social Science must take it as an added course.)
  • Biblical Worldview & Academic Disciplines courses in core curriculum must include EDU3219 and EDU3635. (Transfer students unable to count EDU3219 and EDU3635 for Academic Disciplines must take them as added courses.)
  • B.A. option requires achieving 1002-level competency in an approved foreign language.

Education Core

28 cr
EDU2215Educational Foundations2
EDU2215LEducational Foundations Lab0
EDU3210LLiteracy Lab0
EDU3215Educational Psychology2
EDU3216Instructional Foundations (Grades K-12) (WCE)3
EDU3216LInstructional Foundations Lab1
EDU3217School Health and Drug Problems2
EDU3218Educating Diverse Learners K-122
EDU3219Human Relations and Multicultural Education (OCE)
(see Academic Disciplines requirement above)
EDU3219LHuman Relations Lab0
EDU3635Cross-Cultural Community Service
(see Academic Disciplines requirement above)
EDU4415Education Ethics
(see Philosophy requirement above)
EDU4835Seminar in Professional Issues2
EDU4965Student Teaching in Visual Arts Education-Elementary7
EDU4966Student Teaching in Visual Arts Education-Secondary7


Required Major Courses

46 cr
ART1011Drawing I4
ART1035Design Concepts4
ART3111Painting Techniques4
ART3161Survey of Western Art History4
ART316219th and 20th Century Art History4
ART3325Book and Papermaking2
GDE1031Introduction to Layout2
EAR4345Art Methods for Elementary Teachers2
EAR4345LArt Methods for Elementary Teachers Lab0
EAR4465Art Methods for Secondary Art Teachers2
EAR4465LArt Methods for Secondary Art Teachers Lab0
Select one of the following:
ART4242Advanced Ceramics4
ART4252Advanced Sculpture4
Select one of the following:
ART4312Advanced Painting4
ART4322Advanced Printmaking4
Select one of the following:
ART4265Gallery Studies2
ART4805Topics in Art Criticism2

Note: WCE= Written Communication Emphasis; OCE = Oral Communication Emphasis. See the catalog for explanation and prerequisites.