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The Bachelor of Science in Psychology degree offered through Northwestern's FOCUS Adult Undergraduate program provides theoretical and applied understanding of psychological principles to prepare you for graduate study in psychology, entry-level positions in the helping professions, or careers requiring a psychology background. With a view of psychological principles through the context of a biblical lens, a focus on ethics, and the required biblical coursework, you will be equipped to apply and practice the knowledge and skills you gain from a Christian perspective.

The Marriage and Family concentration examines foundations for family communication, problem solving and relationships; a systems perspective on family dynamics and their impact upon marital quality and the family; and counseling and intervention strategies.

Course of study

You can earn your Bachelor of Science in Psychology in 18–22 months upon completion of 125 semester credits in general education, major, and elective requirements. Learn about transferring credits toward your program of study.

After completing your general education and elective requirements, your Psychology program includes the following courses:

Psychology Required Coursework (36 credits)
PYC4032 Child and Adolescent Development (2)
ETH4021 Foundations of Ethics (2)
PYC4036 Adult Development (2)
ETH4023 Worldview and Ethics (2)
PYC4045 Social Science Statistics I (3)
PYC4046 Social Science Statistics II (3)
PYC4042 Social Science Research Methods (2)
PYC4079 Abnormal Psychology (3)
PYC4051 Principles of Counseling (3)
PYC4025 Professional Ethics (2)
PYC4054 HMS5316 Marriage and Familiy Dynamics* (3)
PYC4056 HMS5312 Family Communication and Relationships* (3)
PYC4055 Marriage and Family Couseling (3)
PYC4058 HMS5318 Intervention Strategies with Families* (3)

*Notes courses which may be taken for undergraduate or graduate credit. Contact your Admissions Counselor or Academic Advisor for details.

For course descriptions see the Graduate & Continuing Education Catalog. Courses subject to change.

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Meet our faculty


Ghlee Hanson

Ghlee Hanson, M.S., has worked as a probation officer/therapist, national convention workshop leader, consultant and licensed clinical social worker. She is committed to sending students out into the world and guiding them to become the hands and feet of Jesus Christ.

“We are all full-time Christian ministers,” Hanson says. “We all have that responsibility, no matter our job.” Hanson teaches courses in the Criminal Justice emphasis for the Psychology degree. Learn more about Ghlee Hanson.

Learn more about our Psychology faculty:

Is a Psychology degree for you?

Do you care deeply about people and want to understand what makes them tick? The Bachelor of Science in Psychology will guide you to a deeper understanding of human behavior and psychological principles.

Looking at the topic and the practice of psychology through a Christ-centered, biblical lens will provide perspectives not available through typical undergraduate psychology programs. You will be able to connect your love for God and the people He created through this dynamic course of study.