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Health Psychology—online degree

Concentration: Applied Behavior Analysis

The online Bachelor of Science in Health Psychology with a concentration in Applied Behavior Analysis provides the theoretical background for how psychological, behavioral, cultural and social factors influence health and illness. You will gain an extensive overview of health psychology, as well as specific courses to help you prepare for the Board Certified Assistant Behavior Analyst (BCaBA) knowledge exam.

Learn the application of applied behavior analysis, including building the skills of children in school settings; enhancing the development, abilities and choices of children and adults with different kinds of disabilities; and enhancing the performance and satisfaction of employees in organizations and businesses.

Course of study

You can earn your Bachelor of Science in Health Psychology in 18–22 months upon completion of 125 semester credits in general education, major, and elective requirements. Learn about transferring credits toward your program of study.

After completing your general education and elective requirements, your Health Psychology program includes the following courses:

Health Psychology Coursework (38 credits)
PYC4034 Health Promotion through Lifespan (3)
PYC4079 Abnormal Psychology (3)
ETH4021 Foundations for Ethics (2)
PYC4105 Learning and Behavior Analysis (3)
PYC4005 Foundations of Health Psychology (3)
ETH4023 Worldview and Ethics (2)
PYC4141 Research Methods in Health and Behavior Analysis (3)
PYC4143 Screening and Assessment (3)
PYC4127 Ethics in Health and Behavior Analysis (2)
PYC4101 Applied Behavior Analysis I (3)
PYC4102 Applied Behavior Analysis II (3)
PYC4057 Counseling Strategies (3)
PYC4087 Stress and Pain Management (3)
PYC4855 Health Psychology Capstone (2)

For a list of course descriptions contact your Admission Counselor. Courses subject to change.

Courses are offered online only: access, complete and submit coursework electronically; interact online with professors and students

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Health Psychology
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Adult Undergraduate
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What can you do with health psychology and applied behavior analysis?

Applied behavior analysis is a growing field, with jobs available in the public and private sectors in hospitals and home settings, clinics, classrooms and more.

Northwestern’s Health Psychology program will prepare you to take the exam to become a Board Certified Assistant Behavior Analyst (BCaBA).

Some jobs available to people with a BCaBA and/or additional education in health psychology or applied behavior analysis include:

  • Board Certified Assistant Behavior Analyst
  • Behavioral Technician
  • Behavior Therapist
  • Mental Health Practitioner
  • ABA/Behavioral Assistant

 Program Objectives

Through the FOCUS Adult Undergraduate program in Health Psychology students will learn to:

  • Describe various theoretical foundations for the practice of health psychology
  • Identify evidenced based practices for promoting health and wellness
  • Compare and contrast concepts of applied behavior analysis
  • Identify effective methods of treatment for health and behavioral issues
  • Analyze evidence for the mind-body interaction as a contributor to illness
  • Identify appropriate applications of applied behavioral analysis to specific health and behavioral concerns
  • Apply principles of ethics to clinical cases using concepts of health psychology and applied behavioral analysis
  • Integrate a Christian perspective with health psychology and applied behavioral analysis
  • Appreciate the value of empirical research for identifying effective interventions in health psychology and applied behavioral analysis
  • Appreciate the importance of a Christian perspective for health psychology and applied behavioral analysis