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Credit Transfer

Whether you’re starting college for the first time or returning to complete your education, we want to help you get the most out of your past education and life experience. We will work with you to evaluate your situation and help transfer as many credits as possible toward your program of study.

General education requirements

For all bachelor’s degrees, you will need to earn or transfer credit for the following courses for a total of 31 credits:

English Composition*
(4 credits)
Critical Thinking and Writing*  (2 credits)
Speech* (3 credits)
Humanities—2 areas (6 credits)
Math (4)
Science (4)
Social Science —2 areas (8 credits) 

* You will prepare yourself for maximum success in the program if you take your speaking and composition courses as soon as possible in your course of study.


You will also need to earn or transfer 43–49 elective credits, depending on your major. Talk to your admission counselor about these additional options for earning elective credit:

Questions about credit transfer?

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