Student Conduct Expectations

Academy of Music students are expected to:

  • Keep a regular practice routine as outlined by their instructor and (when applicable) in consultation with their parents/guardians.
  • Attend all lessons, classes, rehearsals, and recitals in which they are involved.
  • Bring instrument, music, and all appropriate materials to lessons, rehearsals, classes and recitals.

Behavior in the Building

The lobbies and hallways serve as both a waiting area for students prior to lessons and a meeting place for parents, students and instructors. Students are expected to speak quietly in these areas to prevent interference with instruction in nearby studios, classrooms and/or offices. Parents/guardians are responsible for curtailing running, loud play, and any dangerous or disturbing behavior. Children must be supervised by a parent or another adult at all times.

The Academy provides drawers labeled "books and toys" located directly across the hall from the Academy office and on the third floor music hall in Nazareth hall. These drawers are stocked with books, coloring books, games, doodle boards and more. All Academy families are welcome to use these items while waiting for a music lesson to finish. Parents are responsible to help their children respect the property of the Academy and ensure that they return everything to the drawers before leaving the building.

Student Dismissal

Students who do not meet the expectations outlined above may be dismissed with lesson tuition forfeited.