Foundation Courses

Establishing the origin, nature and significance of a biblical worldview; establishing oral and written communication skills.

Foundation Courses23 cr
Foundations of a Biblical Worldview14 cr
BIA1005Biblical Worldview: Personal Responsibility (or BIA1825 Honors)2
BIA2025Biblical Worldview: Community & Culture4
BIB1001Old Testament History and Literature* (or BIB1825 Honors)4
BIB1002New Testament History and Literature* (or BIB1826 Honors)2
*Course for which competency may be demonstrated. See pages 40-41 of the catalog.
BIA2115Principles of Biblical Interpretation** (or BIA2825 Honors)2
**Prerequisite for all BIB prefix exposition courses 2000 or above.
Foundations of Communication9 cr
Written Communication
ENG1105Composition I*** (or ENG1825 Honors)4
***Non-native speakers of English may substitute LAN1105 for ENG1105.
ENG2205Composition II (or ENG2825 Honors)2
Oral Communication
SPE1075Public Speaking (or SPE1825 Honors)3