Exploration Courses

Exploring academic disciplines through a biblical worldview.

Exploration Courses23–27 cr
Examining the Human Condition–History, Social Sciences, & Physical Education8–9 cr
HIS1005History of Western Civilization (or HIS1825 Honors)4
Social Sciences (Select from ANT1045, 2045; COM1005. 4105; ECO2201, 2211, 2212; GEO1005, 1015; POS1005, 2108; PSY1005, 2108; SOC1035, 2035)3–4
PHE1065Lifetime Fitness & Wellness1
Note: No course can fulfull two categories.
Reflecting God's Image–Fine Arts, Literature, Philosophy & Foreign Language8–10 cr
Fine Arts: Art, Music, Theater, Film (Select from ART1005, 1825, 3065–3068, 3162, 3265, 3365, 4265; COM2007; MCH3007; MUH3106; MUS1075, 1825; THE1055, 3257)2–4
Literature (Any course with LIT prefix or SPA3325)2–4
Philosophy (Select any course with PHI prefix, ART3365, BUS4435, EDU4415, MAT2825 or PSY4306)2–4
Foreign Language (second semester of first-year language sequence or higher)0–4
Understanding the Natural World–Science & Mathematics7–8 cr
Mathematics* (Any course with MAT prefix, PSY3208)3–4
*B.A. degree students must take a 4-credit course. See mathematics placement chart in the catalog.
Lab Science (One laboratory science course)4
When a student receives an unsatisfactory grade in the laboratory portion of a lab course (lower than the equivalency of a C-), the student will receive credit for the course if the overall course grade is a D- or higher, but the credits will not fulfill the core curriculum requirement. The student must repeat the class and lab or pass a different class/lab to fulfill the Natural World lab science requirement.