Center of Academic Programs for Support Services

Northwestern is committed to providing students with the resources and services they need to succeed academically.

Guided by Micah 6:8 "...and what does the Lord require of you but to do justice, to love kindness, and to walk humbly with your God," CAPSS (Center of Academic Programs for Support Services) works to support students campus-wide with a variety of learning needs through the following four programs:

  1. ALPHA Center
    The ALPHA Center's objective is to provide services as a writing and learning center in order to enable students to successfully achieve academic goals.
  2. DOSS
    Disabilities Office for Support Services offers students with unique challenges the support needed to experience full access to the UNW community.
  3. CLT
    The Culture, Language & Transition program acts as a liaison between students from diverse cultures and languages and the faculty, staff and university.
  4. PSP
    Passport to Success Program connects students to the right people to guide them toward successfully reaching their academic goals through coaching and strategies.

CAPSS also collaborates with other offices on campus, including Health Services, Counseling Services, and Student Development in providing reasonable services for students.

Student Experiences in CAPSS

  • A senior who used the services of DOSS found the extended test-taking time was just the accommodation she needed to  demonstrate her knowledge of the subject to the professor.
  • Another student recently received a B+ in a math class because of the collaborative work between DOSS and the ALPHA Center.

Success like this is common among the students who are connecting with CAPSS and getting the assistance they need to move through the academic process at UNW!


Alpha Center

ALPHA Center


Disabilities Office for Support Services (DOSS)

Disabilities Office for Support Services (DOSS)

Culture and Language Transition (CLT)

Culture, Language & Transition (CLT)

 Passport to Success Program

Passport to Success Program (PSP)